Friday, February 20, 2009


I just spent 5 days in Pasco, wa with the Kundes. They are all so fun and getting big. Mason has all new teeth coming in . He will be 8 yrs old April 10 and will be baptised, I am so proud of him. Both Cannon and Mason can say RICKY TICKY TAMBO NO SEE RAMBO HARRY BARRY BUSHKA BARRY bimbo had a girlfriend named KADALINA MADELINA HOOPASTINA WHINA HINA HOOKAS POKAS WAS HER NAME...Cannon can say the alphabet backwards. ZYXWVUTSRQPONMLKJIHGFEDCBA....My mother was the first person I ever knew who could say the abcs backwards.. and one day i realized that I could .. now you try it.. It is harder than you think.. Try rolling your tongue like Adalie . That is harder than you think and not everyone can.. Nick , I can . We are all talented.. But don't ask us to sing.. lol

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Heidi said...

OH Jill...How Fun....Cutie patuties...Love the pics and the little Valentine cutie!! LOVE IT! Jill you are funny about your Harry Barry RIcky Ticky Crap----I wished I could say that...FUnny..I love you...Come see us...We are getting all the fam back to malad..YIKES!!!!