Thursday, January 22, 2009

My kids in the Northwest!!

Russ went to the Coast for Thanksgiving with Nick and Family. They all had a good time. Nick loves hunting he is so blessed to have a father in law who will go with him hunting! I remember a picture of my Dad with his birds like that way back when I will try to find it in my old pictures to post . He is like grandpa Bolingbroke when it comes to hunting and guns.


Barbara said...

So fun to see your boys again, Nick's kids are lovely. Where's Danny? I love that he is around the neighborhood, he is so pleasant, cute and fun to talk with.

Anonymous said...

I LoVe you was really fun to chat with you and see your pictures of your boys and your beautiful grandkids... Way to go Nick and Wife... Bring on the kids... He he he well sweetie... Stay in touch with me LoVed talking to you... LoVe ya Sweetie... Emillee Thomas

Heidi said...

OH finally updated...I love your background...too cute!!
What a cute family you have seeing all those cute pics...Little Addie is getting so big...and cute! Mason and Cannon are pretty cute too! Time flies..cherish the moments with em...Aly is already 1....WOW that went by too fast huh!
Love and miss you