Friday, June 20, 2008

Flashback Friday!!!

Jill's Summer Backyard Party 2005
This was a fun backyard party!!! Someone from each of our families was there. It is hard to get us all together anymore. We will be having a party again this summer in Malad for Keith's 75th birthday. It is amazing we are all getting up there in years. I remember a party at Downata Hot Springs and we all got together with Aunt Marie and Mary and we had seen them in years , I was shocked how old they had gotten. That will be how it is for us , when we don't see everyone for a long time. Families are wonderful. Thank goodness they are forever.


Dixie said...

Jill.. I love your blog!.. i am proud of you for learning how to do this... (now you need to put in the title..FLASHBACK FRIDAY.. otherwise people will think we had that party this year.. lol........
I think we all look pretty good.. and your backyard was wonderful.. who is the girl in the pic up there with Keith?.. is that Nettie?.. . well.. lets do that again.. that was way fun... see you next weekend..
Love you lots Dixie

Heidi said...

OH that is fun Jill---yes do it again please! We went to Downata today and had a blast! I will have to post the pics! can't wait to see you next weekend! Love ya,