Friday, June 13, 2008

Beautiful Waterfalls

Me and Danny by the waterfall in Oregon.
Russ looking up at the waterfall!

Nick and his little boys by the waterfalls near his home in Washington!

I have been working all day to get these 3 pictures in my blog. I finally got them . I forgot to write anything. I was going to put Waterfalls. Danny and I went to visit Russ a few years ago and he took us to this waterfall it was beautiful and a fun place to visit. It is right by Portland. We had a fun day and it was fun to visit Russ. I should go and visit Danny and Russ now, but we all seem to be so busy. Sad huh ....Nick and his boys went to a Falls too there a lot of falls in Washington and Oregon.I am excited to have figured out how to add the pics. so maybe I will try a video next. hehehehe. This takes a lot of my time.but i do have to say it is fun well kinda.. I love seeing everyone elses.

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Heidi said...

oh JILl---Yeah you figured it out--easy once you do it huh---Love the pics!! and your new background---cutestblogontheblock has some cute stuff too! Love ya Can't wait to see you over Welsh Festival!