Sunday, October 26, 2008


Becky and Patti had a withces tea party it was way fun!!There were all kinds of witches . I won the prize for the most orginal withch and one of the best cackles!
Recipe for withches soup : 1 eye of a gnewt/ 1 bat wing/ then stir with that 2 toad legs / a cackle of witch and stir a spell and serve on a spooky nite... We just had a fun time and are going to make this a yearly event for our true inner selves to come out.. I loved it .. Happy halloween


Patti said...

You are just DARLING, my dear

Heidi said...

OH Jill...You do make a GREAT Witch every year....I love the black cat!! Tooo cute!! We defiantely have to go to the witches tea party next year....that looks like lots of fun! Have a fun weekend with your spooksters! Love ya,

Val Johnston said...

I love the cat too!... So cute! Sounds like a fun party!