Monday, September 15, 2008

labor day weekend with the Kundes

Danny gave Addaleigh the darling little leopard slippers they are reversable and are pink on the other side. I gave her her pink gingham dress . Oh she is so fun! We love havin g her in our family,
Mason and Cannon loved the hot tub. Grandpa Larry let them scuba dive . That was way cool !


Heidi said...

Hi JIll---OH looks like you are just having fun with your grandkiddies!!! i love Addies Shoes---how cute are those!!! I had fun visit with all them--wished it was longer--YES we need a girls retreat!!! I am missing my Favorite AUNTIE!!! Lets do witches night out---LET US know when it is and stuff!! Love you

Sheila Buchei said...

Hey Jill - I found your blog! It's great to see your family and hear what they've been up to. Isn't being a grandma the BEST? I love it that you have a "Grandpa Larry". Susan's husband is also a Grandpa Larry! Well, you inspired me and I've started my own blog. Check it out at

I've added you as a link on my blog so I can keep up to date on what's happening with you and yours!

Dixie said...

ohhhh Jill... Your little Addie is so sweet... love the little slippers and the darling little pink dress.. little granddaughters are fun, huh?... and your little grandsons just love her and are so proud of her too.. it was fun to see Nick and Valerie and their little family.. dang it.. I wish we all lived closer so we could watch the little ones grow up!..i am glad u had a fun visit with them .. Love you ............Dixie