Friday, August 1, 2008

Dinner with girls from highschool

MaMa Mia , we had a good time it reminded me of the show when I went to dinner July 31, 2008 with some friends from highschool . Some of them I had not seen for 40 years or more. WE had a great time giggling about the fun times we had and getting caught up on the last 4o years. My My where does the time go. Jan Moon, Sandra Archibald, Janet Corbridge , Christine Williams, Jeanine Jones, Anita Kearns were all there. It was a lot of fun . I hope we do it again , so we don't loose track of each other , I don't think we have another 40 years!!!!****Yikes****

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Heidi said...

oh Jilll HOw fun for you guys---YOu are the cutest one there!! What a fun party---Was it for your reunion? When is that? FUN FUN! YOu are just loads of fun--LOVe ya